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Summer activities

Kayaking tours

Straight from our camp site you can make beautiful tours right through the unspoiled nature of Sweden, where chances of seeing beavers and/or beaver lodges are pretty high. You can rent kayaks at Camp Route 45 or you can bring your own Kayak to sail down the Fryån River. The river ends in a big lake, which makes multiple day tours possible.

Prices p.p.

  • Half a day tour incl. guide, tea and coffee 400 SEK
  • Full day tour incl. guide and lunch 700 SEK
  • Half a day tour without guide 150 SEK
  • Full day tour without guide 250 SEK

You have great hiking possibilities from the camping; we made some routes for you with distances between 2,5 and 10 km.

Island trip

Whether by boat or kayak you can travel via the river at our camp site to one of the cabins on an island on a nature reserve. You will roam with the wild animals in the forest, fish pike and trout in the lake and travel back in time to the days without electricity. Guided tours/trips are possible.

Winter activities

The province of Jämtland is the place to be for an alternative and diverse winter sports holiday. Real winters with real snow offer great possibilities. We offer guided tours, taken care of down to the last detail, with meals and accomodation. Below you'll find an outline of possibilities and prices. Transport to the location is included in the prices. Have a good time planning your trip, and you're very welcome in Hammerdal!

If you have special interests, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our possibilities.

Dogsledding tours


After arrival at the husky farm you'll be welcomed with coffee and you'll learn some sledding theory. Together we will harness the dogs and after some practice you will go with a guide and your own sled and husky team into the unspoiled forests of Jämtland. After returning we take care of the dogs. Then you will return to Hammerdal or stay on the husky farm for another night.


  • Half-day trip: SEK 750
  • Day trip incl. lunch: SEK 1500
  • Three day trip incl. two nights, two times breakfast and two times dinner: SEK 6700

Snowmobile trips


On a guided snowmobile trip you can cover great distances and discover the most beautiful places. Please contact us for information and prices.


One or two days of skiing in snow that attracts even the pros to Sweden.

Prices dependent on the chosen area.

Cross-country skiing

With your own gear you can use the ski runs of 2.5km, 5km and 10km from our campsite into the pristine forests. The 2.5km ski run is illuminated!

The experienced cross-country skier can take a longer trip along the snowmobile trails.

Before or after your trip you're of course welcome to have a breakfast, lunch or dinner with us. We are also happy to prepare you a packed lunch to take on your trip.

Ice fishing / Fly-fishing

Ice fishing

On a lake teeming with fish we drill a hole (>50 cm!) so you can fish for trout and other fish. Afterwards you can grill them!

Price: SEK 250


In the summer you can go fly-fishing in the beautiful river Fyrån, standing in front of your tent or caravan!

You don't need a fishing permit here, but we do sell fishing permits for other fishing grounds.

Other trips

There are many other trips we could arrange for you. For example a trip to a moose farm, or to the Hällingsåfallet – an impressive waterfall that plunges into the longest waterfilled canyon of Europe! Or how about shopping in the pleasant city Östersund?

Prices for transport and guides on request.